All-Time List of Jewish Skaters in the NHL


ANDY “Bubba” BERENSWEIG 1999-2003 Nashville Predators (defenseman).

MIKE BROWN 2007-Present Vancouver Canucks, Anaheim Ducks (wing).

HY BULLER 1943-45, 1951-54 Detroit Redwings, New York Rangers (defenseman).

ROBERT BURAKOWSKY 1993-94 Ottowa Senators (wing) from Malmo, Sweden.

MIKE CAMMALLERI 2003-Present Los Angeles Kings, Calgary Wings, Montreal Canadiens (wing).

JUSTIN DUBERMAN 1993-94 Pittsburgh Penguins (wing).

STEVE DUBINSKY 1993-2003 Chicago Blackhawks, Calgary Flames, St. Louis Blues (wing).

DOUG FRIEDMAN 1997-99 Edmonton Oilers, Nashville Predators (wing).

JEFF HALPERN 1999-Present Washington Capitals, Dallas Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning (center).

MIKE HARTMAN 1988-95 Buffalo Sabres, Tampa Bay Lightening, New York Rangers (wing).

PETER ING 1989-94 Toronto Maple leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings (goalie).

JOE IRONSTONE 1924-28 Ottawa Senators, Toronto Maple leafs, New York Americans (goalie).

AARON ISRAEL 1995-96 Philadelphia Flyers (goalie) one week, may not have seen action.

MAX KAMINSKY 1933-37 Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins, St. Louis Eagles, Montreal Maroons (centre).

MIKHAIL KRAVETS 1991-93 San Jose Sharks (wing) from St. Petersburg, Russia, one game each season.

MAX LABOVITCH 1943-44 New York Rangers (wing).

SAMUEL “Porky” LEVINE 1928-29 Detroit Olympics (goalie) may not have seen ice time.

ALEX LEVINSKY 1930-39 Toronto Maple leafs, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks (defenseman).

GRANT LEWIS 2008-09 Atlanta Thrashers (defenseman) one game.

DAVID LITTMAN 1989-92 Buffalo Sabres, Tampa Bay Lightning (goalie).

DAVID NEMIROVSKY 1995-99 Florida Panthers (wing).

ERIK NYSTROM 2005-Present Calgary Flames (wing).

BOB PLAGER 1967-78 New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues (defenseman). Plager converted to Judaism prior to his marriage, probably in 1977.

STEVE RICHMOND 1984-89 New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, New Jersey Devils (defenseman).

MAURICE “Mo” ROBERTS 1925-26, 1931-32, 1933-34, 1941-42 Boston ruins, New York Americans, Chicago Blackhawks (goalie).

SAMUEL ROTHSCHILD 1924-28 Montreal Maroons, New York Americans (wing).

MATTHIEU SCHNEIDER 1987-88, 1989-Present Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs, new York Rangers, los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings, Anaheim Ducks, Atlanta Thrashers, Vancouver Canucks (defenseman).

TODD SIMON 1993-94 Buffalo Sabres (center).

TREVOR SMITH 2008-09 New York Islanders (forward).

BRETT STERLING 2008-09 Atlanta Thrashers (wing).

RONNIE STERN 1987-2000 Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, San Jose Sharks (wing).

JOSH TORDJMAN 2008-09 Phoenix Coyotes (goalie).

MIKE VEISOR 1973-75, 1976-84 Chicago Blackhawks, Hartford Whalers, Winnipeg Jets (goalie).

BRIAN WILKS 1984-87, 1988-89 Los Angeles Kings (wing).

BOB WINOGRAD 1972-74, 1976-77 New York Raiders, New York Blades, New Jersey Knights, San Diego Mariners (defenseman). WHA only.

LARRY ZEIDEL 1951-54, 1967-69 Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Philadelphia Flyers (defenseman).



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Last Updated: January 15, 2009